• Custom orders + pre-orders?

    Made-To-Order items are available in my shop throughout the year.

    I will occasionally take on large-scale custom orders, but most of the time I cannot commit to custom one-off orders or personalized pieces.

  • When are inventory updates?

    Shop updates occur frequently. To get the latest updates, sign up for my newsletter on the bottom of the home page + follow along on instagram.

  • When will items ship once an order is placed?

    All in-stock items ship in 24-48 hours, meaning I pack orders daily and get them in the mail fast as a wizard!

  • I have a piece of pottery, but now what!? Use + Care:

    Use it, display it, take it to show-and-tell, snap a photo to share on instagram… and as a general rule of thumb, hand-made = hand-wash. Dishwashers are mysterious cleaning machines with high pressure water jets and high temperature water. These extremes don’t go well with handmade items. Light microwaving is ok. Thermal shock can cause stress to ceramics, so avoid sudden extreme changes in temperature. Again, ceramics aren’t immortal.

    Of course if your order deosn't seem right, do get in touch. I'm a human on the other side of this screen and will help troubleshoot anything that may come up. catiemillerceramics@gmail.com

  • Interested in wholesaling Catie Miller products?

    After several years of doing wholesale, I’ve come to realize that it is not sustainable for me to offer wholesale for my tableware pieces. The work I create and want to continue to create is too labor-intensive for this model with logistics, product offerings, and turnaround times.

    However, I DO offer wholesale for my earring collection! If you're interested, please get in touch and I'll send you more information!

  • Interested in writing about, using images, partnering, art licensing, mural work etc.?

    Email catiemillerceramics@gmail.com and I will respond promptly to your request.

  • What are your studio jams?

    I’m a podcast junkie. I listen to a lot of docuseries on crime, cults, and other unbelieable stories balanced by comedy and human story podcasts.

  • What is your favorite thing to make?

    Hands-down, I love making plates. They’re the biggest canvas for my illustrations.

  • What is your spirit animal?

    A piglet with the fuzz still. Full of energy and easily convinced to snuggle.

  • Do you have any weird talents?

    As a child, I was a ventriloquist. Charlie (my doll) and I played a lot of nursing home gigs as well as guest appearances in different elementary classrooms.

  • Who is your hero?

    My grandpa Miller. I make a lot of illustrations that remind me of him.