Catie Miller’s work is recognized by the bright colors, playful patterning, and unexpected approach to traditional tableware. She brings vibrancy to routines and creates comfort in objects we choose to surround ourselves with. Graphic, simplified depictions of realism with symbolic patterning from the obscure to the obvious create charming and cluttered compositions.

The patterns have layers of personal meaning to Miller. Looking at the work, one will see re-contextualized florals of her great-grandma’s bedsheets, the morning ritual of combing her boys’ hair, searching for worms after the rain, her grandpa's pocket knife, and family pheasant hunting trips among many other ideas. She finds satisfaction knowing the little strange stories she has integrated into her work only start with her and begin to overlap, grow, and evolve as shared human experiences in someone else's home. It is this connection to others’ lives and others’ stories that keep her making in the studio.

homes with art are the most stylish kind of homes

I create works of art which are flattering on their own and compliment one another as you create your own collection that matches the personality of your home and it's energy.