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Birdcage Dangle Earrings

Birdcage Dangle Earrings

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Dimensions 2” long, 1.25" wide 

Bright and cheerful, these earrings with a cute little bird charm are the perfect accessory for any day. The vibrant colors and a cute little bird charm will add a little sunshine to your outfits, day by day. 

These ceramic statement earrings showcase a glimpse of my process and illustrations. Each earring is made with the same transfer technique used to make all my work.

The ear posts are made of 14k Gold Plated Stainless Steel, which I have found to work great with my sensitive skin and ears. A shiny glaze covers the front of the earrings. The reverse of the earring has areas of rich, bare, red clay. The paired patterns coordinate, but do not match exactly on each earring. Each pair will be carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival.

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    Use it, display it, take it to show-and-tell, or snap a photo to share on instagram. Items can be dishwashed, but many people like to follow the general rule of thumb, hand-made = hand-wash. Light microwaving is ok.

    do not recommend pouring boiling water into mugs because the majolica glaze covering the inside of the mug is sensitive to extreme temperature shifts. The thermal shock can cause stress to the low-fire clay/glaze combo and lead to cracking. Remember, ceramics aren’t immortal.

    Of course if your order doesn't seem right, do get in touch. I'm a human on the other side of this screen and will help troubleshoot anything that may come up.

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